Puppy Packages

Welcome to Newburgh Veterinary Hospital, where your pet’s health is our top priority. Our dedicated team of talented veterinarians is committed to providing the highest level of care, ensuring your pet’s well-being is always at the forefront.

With our comprehensive wellness package, we go above and beyond to ensure your puppy receives the best possible care from nose to tail. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, we tailor our services to meet your pet’s individual needs.

But we don’t stop there. We believe in offering more than just basic care. That’s why we provide a range of add-ons to enhance your pet’s experience and address any specific concerns you may have.

Take a look below for pricing and details on our wellness package and add-ons, and give your pet the care they deserve. You & your puppy will enjoy the following benefits:


Includes: routine spay or neuter in our fully equipped surgical suite, at or about six months of age; pre-surgical physical exam; pre-anesthetic blood screening; i.v. catheter and fluids; Isoflurane gas anesthesia with intra-operative monitoring of all vital signs by our licensed nurses, using state of the art equipment; postoperative antibiotics and pain preventives. If you do not wish to spay or neuter, your three monthly payments are $258.

Wellness Visits

Four visits with your puppy during his or her development. Pedicures at Wellness Visits.

Recommended Vaccinations

Includes Distemper, Leptospirosis, Rabies, Lyme, Bordetella & Influenza as deemed appropriate by the veterinarian. Alongside, we also include two intestinal parasite screens.

Intestinal Dewormer

Four intestinal dewormings to protect your puppy against roundworms and hookworms, the most common harmful parasites, and a heartworm test to ensure your pet is protected.

Wellness Blood Screening

If declining Spay/Neuter this replaces pre-anesthetic blood screening.

Resort Savings Plan

10% discount on bathing, boarding and day care for one year.