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Puppy Packages

Puppy LoveHere at Newburgh Veterinary Hospital, the health of your pet is our greatest concern. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive wellness package to facilitate complete wellness care for your puppy. For three monthly payments of $275, you & your puppy will enjoy the following benefits:


Includes: routine spay or neuter in our fully equipped surgical suite, at or about six months of age; pre-surgical physical exam; pre-anesthetic blood screening; i.v. catheter and fluids; Isoflurane gas anesthesia with intraoperative monitoring of all vital signs by our licensed nurses, using state of the art equipment; postoperative antibiotics and pain preventives. If you do not wish to spay or neuter, your three monthly payments are $225.

Wellness Visits

lab puppoesFour visits with your puppy during his or her development. Pedicures at Wellness Visits.

Recommended Vaccinations

Includes Distemper, Leptospirosis, Rabies, Lyme, Bordetella & Influenza as deemed appropriate by the veterinarian.
2 Intestinal Parasite Screens

Intestinal Dewormer

Four intestinal dewormings to protect your puppy against roundworms and hookworms, the most common harmful parasites.
Heartworm Test.

Wellness Blood Screening

If declining Spay/Neuter this replaces pre-anesthetic blood screening.

Resort Savings Plan

10% discount on bathing, boarding and day care for one year.

Optional Add-Ons

Microchip @ Spay/Neuter — monthly payment $310
Hip Dysplasia Screening @ Spay/Neuter – monthly payment $310
Microchip & Hip Dysplasia Screening @ Spay/Neuter — monthly payment $340