All dogs and cats are at risk of exposure to various infectious diseases, some of which are life threatening. Preventive vaccination is one of the most reliable and cost effective methods of health care available to a pet owner.
The following diseases can be prevented or lessened by vaccination:

Common Infectious Diseases of DogsNBV 3 Rot Pups

Parvovirus Enteritis
Canine Distemper
Kennel Cough
Infectious Canine Hepatitis
Canine Influenza

Common Infectious Diseases of Cats

Feline Panleukopenia (Distemper)
Feline Respiratory Disease
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (Feline AIDS)
Feline Leukemia


Immunity to most infectious diseases gradually declines over time, so periodic revaccination is generally necessary. Frequency of vaccination is dependent on your pet’s age and and risk of disease exposure.
We are pleased to offer the following comprehensive wellness packages to help our clients implement a vaccination protocol, which suit their individual pet’s needs:


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