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Annual Adult Feline Wellness Packages

Here at Newburgh Veterinary Hospital, the health of your pet is our greatest concern. We are pleased to offer comprehensive wellness packages to facilitate wellness care for the next year of your cat’s life.

Basic: $159.50Kittens in a Basket - Copy - Copy

2 Comprehensive Physical Exams
Basic Core Vaccinations – Includes rabies and distemper combo, as deemed appropriate by the veterinarian.
1 Intestinal Parasite Screen
Wellness Blood Test – Includes screening for kidney function, liver function, glucose, and protein levels.
Pedicure at Wellness Exam
Resort Savings Plan – 10% off boarding & daycare (this may not be combined with a multiple pet discount).

Enhanced: $189.50

Everything in the Basic Plan as well as-
Total Health Profile (CBC, Chemistry, Thyroid, Urinalysis)

Senior: $269.50Cat and Christmas Decorations

Everything in the Enhanced Plan as well as-
Blood Pressure Evaluation
Second Total Health Profile in six months
*FELV/FIV vaccines are optional add-ons for all packages. These vaccines are recommended for cats that spend time outdoors.
Wellness packages may not be cancelled or refunded. Benefits may not be transferred to another cat.